Straight into Slovenia

Since when did Slovenia become so hip and happening? After the monster fuck-up in Oslo and the misery they sent to Baku last year, we must admit to be pleasantly surprised by this years’ entry. Suppose it proves to show that diversity and new creative takes on how to approach this contest can just as well happen in a relatively small country with limited financial muscles to splash out. Heck, Slovenia has in many ways been a more interesting country in Eurovisional terms than the likes of Azerbaijan and Russia. The Slovenian entries have been crappy, yes. But at least they have dared to try and fail.

Right! Back to Hannah and her clubby floor filler “Straight into love”. That one sentence pretty much sums up what this is. We’re not sure it will fit very well into the live format on stage, the slick promo video and recorded studio version of the song gives us absolutely no clue.

Hannah is a gal of good taste obviously cramming herself in between a crew of yummy blokes splashing around in bathtubs and we wonder whether she will bring them along to Malmö (while we’re drooling over the keyboard imagining running in to one of them at Euroclub). Most likely she would have to ditch them however and bring boring backing singers to give her the oomph she quite surely will be needing. We’re worried this will turn into a wailfest and those screechy notes towards the end could be a nightmare to get through, both for Hannah and for us watching. We advise you to have a pillow at the ready to hide behind just in case.

But we like Hannah! She has a fresh, easygoing air about her, and we picture her as a fun loving, carefree girl out on the town, dancing the night away. And this is of course something we can instantly relate to. There’s quite enough gloomy euro ballads in the line-up, so we’re quite sure this will stand out enough to qualify for the final.


  1. Hannah confirmed that the dancers from her official preview clip will join her on stage in Malmo 🙂 *drooling*

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