Cyprus’ Hill

Let us just get one thing straight. It’s gonna be an uphill battle for Cyprus to qualify for the final this year. Not only do they lack the support of their voting buddies Greece, the song itself is so anonymous you almost forget it’s there. It’s just sitting there in the running order, taking up space and making sure the preppier and much more up to date songs from Ireland and Belgium stand out even more. No matter where the Swedish organizers had placed this entry it would be to the benefit of other countries’ songs.

After a few year’s wandering off from Cyprus’ safe formula, where they actually managed to produce a few compelling entries, it’s now back to square one with the good old drab, not grabbing anyone’s attention north of Thessaloniki. Despina Olympiou has a fab name, and she looks and sounds like an experienced artist. We’re sure she’ll gush through the song convincingly, on key and in a relatively floaty frock.

Fans in the audience will take a moment and think about how on earth they will manage to stand up straight for three stiff hours come Saturday, the jury members will hide a yawn and try to blabber something about this being a decent song with certain qualities, and the peeps back home will time their toilet break to this one, so they don’t have to miss the envelope opening later on.

It’s sad really, considering the current financial situation on Cyprus this might be the last we’ll see of them in ESC in a while. We can’t exactly claim we’re left with a lasting impression.


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