San Marino

If God was one of us, would he be called Valentina Monetta? Probably not. Quite surely he wouldn’t be a stranger on the bus or Joan Osborne either, and thank…God for that.

Sorry, we just had to state that obvious point. But except for reminding us of last century’s worst nightmare of a song and actually reminding us of last century in general, San Marino’s entry isn’t that bad. We’re truly happy for Valentina having finished her Facebook period and returned to the living in a much better state – mind you, even with fabulous red hair! You know us, start singing in Italian and we’re kneeling before you.

Translating to ‘butterfly coccoon’, Chrysalis starts off as a lovely ballad in all its lovely loveliness. It has the right amount of energy for us not to fall a sleep, though. And then, as you may have guessed, something truly magnificent happens. The cocoon breaks. What is revealed is true disco magic with an orgasmic ending every girl in town should envy. Now, that kind of makes us wish she kept her energy throughout the song instead of starting off as a worm, but hey, maybe it was inevitable. At least we’ll dance at Euroclub for the last ten per cent of the song.

In the meantime the 90s can go back up to heaven all alone.


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