Estonian snooze fest

It’s actually very hard to write something interesting about something so excruciatingly boring as the Estonian entry this year. Some say this one is a grower, but we can’t see exactly how this will help gather any support. Being placed second in the running order in the first semi-final, the Estonian participation would very likely be over and done with before the peeps back home even remember to turn on the telly.

When the song itself is so bleak we look for other aspects that could possibly catch our attention. How is it staged, does the artist wear a stunning dress, is she eye-catching and charismatic, does she have an amazing voice and/or a remarkable stage presence, is there any intriguing choreography added to the performance to help those of us who doesn’t understand a word of Estonian to get the message of the song? No, for the most part.

The song doesn’t really go anywhere, it doesn’t build up to a major key change or grand finale, which leaves us satisfied in the end or makes us crave for more. Birgit is a decent enough performer, by all means. She’s sweet, pleasant and competent, but she’s struggling with an old fashioned and unengaging song. And she doesn’t seem to have the ability to lift this formula based ballad above the ordinary and forgettable.

We heard that Birgit has a bun in the oven. And apparently according the her bio on that makes her without doubt one of the happiest people in the world right now. Good for her. Then we guess she won’t be too disappointed by a poor result in Malmö.


  1. I pretty much agree with all of the above, although I have a sneaking suspicion Estonia may squeeze into the final. But I am notoriously terrible at predicting.
    Normally I LOVE any entry in Estonian, but yeah – this is nice, and that’s about it. It doesn’t even begin to measure up to the Randajads and Kuulas (or Grete Paia’s Eesti Laul song) of the past.

    1. We’re not much at predicting either, so yeah, it might squeeze through to the final. We’ve loved every Estonian entry since 2009, so this is definitely a step backwards in terms of being daring and different. Oh well, maybe they’ll be back on track next year!

  2. They should have sent the weirdo act to Malmo. This is amazingly boring and uninteresting. I loved their entry in 2009 (it was magically beautiful) and also the 2012 one (eye candy :p), but this one is just bad and will go nowhere in Malmo.

  3. I also agree with everything unfortunately , as I’ve been a fan of Estonian entries for as much as long as you bunch seem to.
    I just don’t understand what you were on about on the last post. The way I see it, pretty much everything you said here could apply to the Icelandic entry as well. Sadly, it could apply to half the 2013 ESC entries at that. Except being placed 2nd in the running order I guess.
    I could go on bashing it here for hours, filling pages of utterly disgusted prose but I’ll try to shorten it up by saying it looks and sounds like something we, the late Portuguese, might send, had we yet the heart to limp drag through the whole thing once again, lol.
    Ok, the video is very nice, we wouldn’t have done so well, but the video isn’t going to be played on stage so we”l be left with the flat I’m a cow tune alone… It is bad :/

    1. You might be on to something here. Perhaps we’ve been duped by Iceland’s clever video. And we do have a weak spot for Nordic men with decent facial hair. We dunno, the Icelandic song just comes across as more sincere and anthemic to us.

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