Bulgarian drum fest

Bulgaria just have so many things going for them this year which are right on the money in terms of securing a decent result in ESC:

  • An upbeat floor stomper with a distinct ethnic flare, showing off the country’s musical heritage in a year where most of the usual suspects fail to deliver anything else than generic ballads and ready-made pop pre-ordered from Swedish assembly line composers.
  • A couple of experienced and professional artists who’s been in the game for a long time and even achieved Bulgaria’s best Eurovision result to date back in 2007 making the top 5 with the drum fest “Voda”.
  • Elitsa & Stoyan ooze of confidence, and with good reason, they really know their stuff and will without a doubt deliver the goods in Malmö.
  • It’s been made very clear that this duo stays true to their own style, not caring one bit about what will hit with the the televoters nor the juries, which shows artistic integrity and courage.
  • They have drums! Walls of drums! Loads of wailing and drum banging is rarely wrong.
  • Not to mention a bag pipe. There should be an extra set of points awarded to entries including bag pipes!

We do however have an itching feeling that this will not be enough to bring the Bulgarians back in the final. Cause many of the strong points are also what can bring them down. Eurovision can be so cruel to returning artists, especially if they come back with a 2.0 version of the song that brought them success the first time around. It’s usually slightly poorer, the novelty has worn off and like so many acts before Elitsa & Stoyan have found out before them, the crowd has moved on and they’re left behind on the platform.

We’re not putting these two in the one trick pony category just yet. We hope that Elitsa and the Drummer Boy here have it in them to make this entry interesting on stage in Malmö. And let’s face it, 2007 is a million years ago for the average TV viewer and no one else will actually remember “Voda” outside the core of die hard Eurovision fans.


  1. I think that they are going to qualify to the final, but I can’t see this act scoring too many points there.

    I don’t like the song at all to be honest as I hated their previous effort which I found totally horrible and kitschy (especially her voice which sounds like the noise made by 20 cats before dying)

  2. Voda is one of my all time favourites and if Elitsas’s voice isn’t exactly conventional, she has taken the cat’s dying sound to a most artistic dimension. I love everything about this duo for all the reasons you very expertly posted and like you, I am worried. I do so want them to do well and be in the final.

    It is true, 2007 was a million years ago, who’s going to remember this but us, mad people? That’s a good thing. Besides, that’s a song that will stand out for sure, they are going to look like they are having the greatest time of their lives, not caring one bean to what the outcome might be. That’s another great thing.

    Still, there will be the juries, who certainly weren’t there six years ago. Juries are a big concern. I believe them to be horrid people who favour the likes of dina garipova and such. Given the 2013’s offer on this particular kind of cheese, they are about to experience the time of their lives but also, hopefully they are bound to get a litle confused. They might even get sick.

    So, who knows, maybe there’s a place in the final for Elitsa & Stoyan after all? Please? If not, dina garipova and her sisters and her daughters will suffocate the contest forever in a never ending parade of toxic conventional waste.

    (Thank God we’ve got margaret anyway!)

    1. It should be very interesting to see how the Bulgarian entry will fare with the juries. As you correctly point out the power was all in the hands of the people the last time E&S competed. We actually think this entry can do quite well with the juries. Concerning this years’ Russian entry, we believe that the juries will not fall for this kind of artificial cheese, but the televoters will. The same thing happened to Alexey Vorobyov in 2011, he was severely and very rightfully punished by the juries.

  3. I’m not so sure about the juries, but they did smash the Vorobyov thing so they can’t be totally nasty. Hope you’re right, fingers crossed then!

    Just one more thing I’ve recently learned somewhere from Bulgarian source: the maximum allowed number of people will be performing on stage in Malmo for Bulgaria. Besides Elitsa & Stoyan and of course the bag pipe player, they’ll have three backing vocalists. Such a happy crowd will make it surely look like a party for everybody (oops) and It will be a change for those few who will remember!

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