Switzerland soldiers on

We’re back! There’s 39 entries to review before Natalia from Austria takes to the stage in Malmö Arena for her first, faltering rehearsal so we better get cracking. The much debated running order was just recently announced and it looks like most blogs present their reviews in accordance to this. We hit the shuffle button as usual and present the reviews in no particular order.

We do however keep the tradition of letting the Swiss open the ball as they go ahead and pick their entry while the closing credits for last year’s final are still rolling. Technically Belarus beat them to it this season in being the first country to pick, but naturally they replaced their entry later so that really doesn’t count.

Heilsarmee quickly turned into Takasa to comply with EBU’s rule of leaving politics and religion out of the contest. Why the slightly homophobic Sally Army wants to be associated with the just about the gayest event of the year strikes us as rather odd, but then again Carola is they Queen of Eurovision so go figure. Perhaps the jolly soldiers plan on converting a few souls in Euroclub, we dunno.

By the looks of it, the uniforms have been replaced with waiter outfits nicked from Davos Congress Centre. If they plan on keeping the outfits in Malmö they really must rely on the song itself making a big impact. Or perhaps just hope people will vote massively on the adorable old bloke. After all it did the trick for Russia last year. We’d rather vote for the guitar playing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau clone though, while we imagine how hot he would look in his uniform.

The song isn’t that bad we suppose. But after a while we grow a bit tired of the repetitive chorus. SVT might have given a helping hand by awarding this entry the attractive penultimate place in the second semi-final. But no one seems to vote for the Swiss in the semi-finals so we’re not entirely sure it will pull trough. It all boils down to the presentation on stage, which was dead boring and unappealing in the Swiss final. Take away the gimmick of the uniforms and the crew behind this lot has their work cut out to make it memorable.


    1. Haha, yeah we know, hard to even imagine how that would play out! These guys look too nice to have such intentions in mind, so they’ll be welcome to join the party instead:-)

  1. This is not as bad as I originally thought. Their low point is (for me) the old guy who actually ruins the whole thing rather than making it better.

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