Larvik revisited

Manic Morons Inc. aka Sirkus Eliassen


Watching last night’s semi-final from Larvik felt a wee bit like being forced to finish a plate of dinner without being hungry. We’re rather pleased with the six finalists we’ve been served already so why ask for yet another helping? There’s no need to get greedy. But did we resist digging into a palatable mix of zombies, pink haired girls being blue, falsettos, stilettos, schlagers and leather clad morons? OF COURSE NOT! Here’s a quick recap:

  • The biggest bomb(o) of the night was without a doubt the winner. We almost chocked on our tacos when 16 year old Adelén was called out last. Keeping in mind her tender age, we think it best to refrain from further comments. And we fully stand behind Adelén’s sigh of relief over the fact that now she’ll never need the boring math shoved down her throat at school. We’ve obtained university degrees and established successful careers ourselves without doing a spot of calculus. As long as we manage to keep track on the ESC scoreboard why bother, and besides there’s even a calculator on our phones nowadays!
  • The rest of the bunch managed to pretty much sing in tune, which was nice for a change.
  • Lucky Lips was velvet to the ears and of course too out there to make it any further in this setting. Perhaps we’ll catch them live next time they’re coming to a town near us, and then we gather it’s mission accomplished for this lot.
  • We’ve always had a weak spot for Gaute. There’s just something about his rural charm that rubs the small town girl within us in all the right places. Throw in a falsetto close to Morten Harket’s calibre, what’s not to like? We secretly texted in a couple of votes, pretending to check Facebook for updates.
  • We had our fair share of leather clad morons last night. Gothminister probably managed to secure bedtime trauma for the next decade for quite a few shit-scared kids and equally pissed off parents who let their hopefuls stay up to watch MGP. The rest of us endured three embarrassing minutes of a halloween party going off the rails.
  • People tend to want bread and circus, however when the circus comes in the form of a pair of manic brothers in biker suits we’d opt for bread any day. Please Norwegian voters, do not send this rubbish to Malmö!
  • Anina went for the leather and latex look too, and we so wish she didn’t. Only professional footballers and Partyswedes can be shallow enough to like this particularly uncharming and calculating music genre. Yuck!

We’re positively bursting with excitement for the big final coming up next Saturday in Oslo Spektrum, where you’ll find us on front row (well at least row 7, which were the best seats we could get)! Watch out for glamourous party pics on this blog as we’ll be stalking the stars all weekend!

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  1. Haha i love haters your just sad retards who wishe they could fit into a leather all in one !!! you probs sing like strangled cats !!!!!

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