Florø's highlights and lowlights

Hm, should I fly into Copenhagen to get to Malmö, or simply just take the car?


Pew, whatta night! Who would have thought that an hour and a half of family friendly entertainment on a random Saturday in January can bring you to hell and back with bells on? We seriously question our own sanity and whether it’s even possible to sit through so much off key singing without obtaining permanent emotional scars. Thank Gawd there were a few decent acts to restore our faith in the possible possession of perfect pitch. Here’s our take on the shenanigans in Florø last night:

  • Dear Jenny Skavlan; you’re a pretty girl of many talents. You’re a trendy fashionista with a great sense of style and we dig your creative take on reusing old rags and bringing new glory to your nan’s old bed linens and so on. But you see, MGP is a big thing for us fans. And you’re kinda ruining it with your need to challenge yourself and doing stuff you’re not really that good at. Like hosting one of Norway’s biggest and most popular, live TV-shows. And btw, inhabitants from Sarpsborg are called sarpinger. Congratulations on insulting 53 734 people.
  • And Erik Solbakken, you’re not entirely off the hook either. Perhaps you’re better suited as the hilarious sidekick with glittery knickers and rediculous wigs.
  • We can never get enough of middle aged mayors of insignificant small towns scattered along Norway’s rough edges, bursting with pride in their ill-fitting Dressmann suits and blingy livery collars. Truly touching.
  • Some readers may now get the impression that we’re stalling to avoid saying something about the actual songs in the second semi-final. You’re absolutely correct.
  • Ok, then. What can we say about Martin Blomvik’s effort to become the Norwegian counterpart of the delicious Dane Rasmus Seebach? As little as possible, we hope.
  • What was Martin, Shackles and Haji even doing in Florø? For the sake of their self-confidence, we advise them to watch the re-run on mute. But at least they all looked good, and we approve of their fresh attitudes and how sincere and genuinely likable they came across. Besides, we acknowledge the fact that it’s probably not easy to recreate a slick studio recording of such RnB numbers live.
  • There’s no excuses to be made for the miserable performance by Hans Erik “Hank von Helvete” Dyvik Huseby on the other hand. He’s given a no-nonsense, straightforward ditty, only to turn it into a fuck-up of epic proportions. Oh, the Schadenfreude all the previous participants he sent packing as a judge on the Norwegian Idol panel must have felt last night. We’re almost feeling sorry for him for (once again!) making a fool of his sorry ass on national TV. But then again he should know better, and we can only hope this means we’ll hear less of his pompous blabbering from now on.
  • We’re a tiny tad disappointed with Alexander Rybak’s return to MGP, but by all means, Annsofi performed well and earned her rightful place in the big final line-up. Not too sure about her mullet dress though.
  • Fjellfolk is this year’s folkloristic alibi. Sometimes these acts make it into the final, like Helene Bøksle, sometimes they win nationally, like Christine Guldbrandsen, and once in a while they even win internationally, like Secret Garden and Alexander Rybak did. We’d be very surprised if Fjellfolk goes all the way to the top, but we do not mind seeing them in Spektrum.
  • Amidst a sea of misery last night, cool and preppy Margaret Berger closed the show and sure sounded like a winner. We would love to see her in Malmö and firmly believe she would do well there. She’s miles ahead of the others with her confident performance, strong vocals and a modern, well produced number which has a huge hit potential. The GEE jury is still out with regards to her bandage dress. Can’t make up our minds on whether it makes her look like a brave, kickass Ice-queen or just a very dead Tutankhamon. The deliberations will continue until we see Mags again in Spektrum!

Two down, one to go. Looking forward to whatever Larvik has in store for us next weekend. Hurrah!


  1. A big fat YES, PLEASE! to Margaret Berger, from this uneurovisional corner of Europe. Her song’s modern, exciting and addictive and so is her performance. It would most certainly be my (as well as many people’s) favourite in the hectic months to come.
    I also like the brother and the beast, but can’t quite spell their names. The whole thing is pretty epic and grand, if a bit obvious and pretentious, but I think it does work. The way I see it, you could afford to be generous and give them away to poor Denmark., who could well use them (that said, they could have done worse, as they have been known to do).
    The “folkloristic alibi “is also quite enjoyable. They would make a good entry. Bad luck for them there are stronger contenders.
    As for annsofi…don’t let rybak’s name blind your judgement. There’s litle there. In her, not in him, lol.
    So, can we please skip semi 3 and have margaret straight away? NOW? We want her badly!

    Cheers to 2013!

    henrique, portugal

    1. Hey, such a shame that Portugal’s not in Malmö this year! We’re gonna miss you, and hope you’ll be back next year.

      It warms our hearts to hear that Margaret Berger is gaining a lot of support from abroad. It will be such a cool entry to send to ESC if she wins MGP! Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen (The Brother and the Beast, lol!), will be a strong contender in Spektrum, however we don’t like it much. Norway’s known for great black metal music, and if we were to send a metal entry to compete in ESC, we’d prefer to send the real thing, not pussy opera metal (or whatever we can call it).

      Looking forward to a frantic national final season, let’s hope for some awesome entries in 2013!


  2. Heisann Astrid&Guri. Margaret Berger stood out among the other contestants. Quite rare to be served a song in Eurovision possessing such qualities. Appreciate that the songwriters have steered away from typical Eurovision cliches.

    Relieved that there is one entry in the NF that wisely thought a few steps ahead. In terms of getting your music out, Eurovision is one arena that shouldn´t be spoiled away.

    Heia Margaret Berger 🙂 Hun er toppen!

    xoxo KJ

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