Observations from the first semi final: Steinkjer

Yay, it’s MGP season again, and we’re ready for trash and bash. But also of course for sharing our love. Here’s our observations from the first semi final.

  • The rockabilly man of our dreams, the truly magnificent Vidar Busk, did a great performance and actually reminded us of Mr Moldova 2012. Which would have been all success if the song wasn’t just a tiny bit boring. A little disappointing, we’re afraid. But we’ll be super happy to see him in Oslo!
  • Also we would like to congratulate Vidar Busk with the spray tan of the year award. That’s well done, Ben Adams being present and all!
  • Ben Adams wrote two songs for this final. Our recommendations for next time: Have someone else do the writing and sing yourself, hon. You’re both prettier and better than those high school girls you tend to occupy yourself with.
  • But at least we enjoyed Carina Dahl’s short wedding dress.
  • Apparently some happy Christian guy from the South opened his mouth. We didn’t notice.
  • Host Jenny Skavlan had boobs. We totally noticed.
  • Didrik Solli-Tangen’s brother Emil did black metal opera. Question: When will the world acknowledge the fact that metal is a one hit wonder kind of thing and Solli-Tangen was a no wonder kind of thing in Eurovision? Well, Norway wants him in the final no matter what. Get ready for noise in Spektrum.
  • But one of the guys called the act of coupling lovely. Now, we truly approve of that!
  • Mimi Blix’s song was about finding a real man. Given the fact that she was hardly wearing clothes, we reckon she’ll find something like it. He’s probably tone deaf or generally deaf if he likes her, though.
  • Datarock is our favorite disco men anytime, and we totally agree they could represent Norway in the best way possible. Their song was way better than all the others combined, and we’re relieved they will be in Spektrum – for the sake of our mental health. Disco revival FTW!
  • Man, are we in love with those people or what?
  • Also there were babes in helmets and overalls. The people of Nord-Trøndelag always know their stuff.
  • And did we mention how much we love Datarock? We’ll go to bed happy tonight!

See you in Florø!


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