Life after Eurovision

We spotted these guys in the Gay Parade in Oslo earlier today. They gave us an effective and important reminder that life goes on after the glitter dust has settled and the camera equipment has been brought back to Germany. Perhaps an inconvenient truth for those who gladly turned a blind eye to what went on outside of Baku Crystal Hall in return of a press accreditation badge and free entry to Euroclub.

Pic by the fabulous Mona Wærnes from our socialist party SV

A strong and simple statement like this one does more to raise consciousness on the cause of equal rights than merely letting dubious regimes play host to the contest and think that improvement and progress will immerge by itself.

Other than that of course there was plenty of Loreen and other eurovisional joy to remind us how fab and inclusive this contest really can be. Let’s do our best to keep it that way and to drag Eastern Europe along!


    1. Yes in all fairness, Lithuania is a democratic country. But when it comes to LGBT rights and how the society treats gays and lesbians they still have a long way to go.

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