Summary of a fabulous final

Another glorious Eurovision final has come to an end. Here in the Former Swedish Republic Of Norway we are truly happy for Loreen and have already started designing our dresses for all the parties we will attend in Sweden next year. Meanwhile, let us give you a little summary of this magnificent weekend.

As GEE girls we were sad to spend our weekend apart this year as one of us was a little caught up at work. But she promises to spend all the money she earned on a speech therapist for Loreen so we maybe can learn what the lyrics actually are. The other girl was very happy to spend her night partying with the renown Melodi Grand Prix legend Stian Kvil and 30 of his closest Eurovision enthusiasts. Let us just give you a quick heads up on how fabulous he is:

This should be the finest bagpipe you have ever seen. Douze points for Stian and some extra credit for cheering for Romania.

Also present at the party was a bunch of other gorgeous people adding up to about 30 Eurovision loving architects with amazing style. Let us give you a few examples:

Yay, some of Ukraine’s national flowers made their way to our party. Kudos for flashing them around town.
This guy was actually Icelandic, so he totally could relate to youknowwhat. And yay to that woman’s fab outfit!
We were all a bit stunned when we realized just how blind love can be. This picture is dedicated to the lovely Ramunas Zilnys. Well done, hon and sorry for trashing your artist earlier.
We were not the least unhappy with the missing points for Norway. No, this is happiness in a nutshell. From us to Sweden with love.
We were in the Swedish part of town and at least someone cheered for Loreen in this country of PartySwedes. Yay!
We even cheered for Abba. That’s how much we love our former colonisers over here.
And if Can Bonomo only would have bothered to show up and make a boat of his clothes, there were of course some crew members waiting in line for him.
We even had Verka Serduchka at our party, and of course he got the glorious best dressed award. We have to say that if Verka stays this hot, he should be invited to all Eurovision parties from now on.

Anyways, to sum up we think this final was super duper in terms of artists and totally crappy in terms of nationalism. That goes for the Azeris and for Norway alike. We think Tooji did his very best and we will always be so proud of him, also for the way he responded after his loss. We’re not going to join the large group of Norwegian people now claiming this is about Eastern European friendships and political voting, that we should have sent someone with “more Norwegian” heritage or that the Swedes are behaving badly in trashing Norwegians. After all the best song won, it was Nordic and the performer was Moroccan. Go Tooji and go Loreen!

We do however need to talk about the interval act. We mean, seriously, if you are to spend all of Azerbaijan’s money and all of A1’s integrity in just about ten minutes, is this really the best you can do?

Sorry, but we’ll have to go with a big, fat nay for Emin.

Oh, and yeah, let’s look forward. Here in Norway we are looking into the prospects of a new dawn for MGP as our very own Per Sundnes has now decided to retire. If you don’t know, Per Sundnes is the little fellow with the glasses that tends to stand in the forefront if Norway does something good in Eurovision and magically disappears when the results are a tiny bit weaker. He claims his reason for retiring is that he doesn’t have more room for artists around his dinner table, and maybe that’s why we saw Tooji like this Saturday night?

Aww, no Per around Tooji now. But we can ensure Tooji of one thing: there will always be room for him at our dinner table.

Anyways, we just want to let NRK know, we are expecting their call any minute now. Thank you all for your lovely company in 2012 and see you all in Stockholm!


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