Fug or Fab, Eurovision edition!

So, Saturday it was finally time for the Eurovision stars to shine and bedazzle us on the red carpet before the official opening party! We heard rumors the party wasn’t that great, so we’re not sorry one bit we weren’t there. We never show up at parties without finger food anyways. But at least an EBU photographer caught the action through his lens and and shared his pics with everyone on the official Eurovision website. As a reward someone should give this guy an introductory course in how to capture the glamour of celebs strolling up the red carpet. Maybe next year he’ll give us something decent to work with. Here are some highlights and (a lot of) lowpoints for you! We’ll do the comments in alphabetical order. It should take you about 4 hours to read through this post. (Oh, and click on the pics to get a bigger image.)

Not happy about Eurovision being held in Baku? Blame these two! But Ell&Nikki sure set the standard for looking swell on the red carpet. Low key, yet stylish and trendy. And Nikki doesn’t look like Ell’s mum at all. Definitely a Fab from the GEE jury.

Maya Sar from Bosnia Herzegovina showed up in a trash bag. Splendid, how very flattering! Fugly indeed it is.
Sofi Marinova is not afraid to embark on fashion safaris exploring new ways to express her personality through clothing. We just wished she’d stopped a wee bit before she found this backless jumpsuit. If this is the shit to wear in Sunny Beach we can add that to our already very long list of reasons why we will never go on holiday there.
Well hello there handsome! Estonian Ott is so hot it’s totally swoonworthy. It’s not even cheesy for him to dress in the Estonian flag’s colors. Beat that Per Sundnes.
Here comes the bride, all dressed in white! Greta and Jonsi look like an ad for budget weddings. And whoever thought of having your boobs in a couple of bandage slings should be hospitalized. And Jonsi, those shoes? He can’t possibly be gay when leaving the house in those. The devil is in the details.
Ah, Jedward. This is how Lady Gaga’s children would look like if she married a broom stick. We’re starting to grow a bit tired of their never ending energy. But we’ll throw in a couple of bonus points for accessorizing themselves with cute Azeri kids.
Beautiful girl with a beautiful song! Anmary looks fab. Glamorous hair and a classic less is more frock. Well done!
Good grief, the horror! We just cannot think of one single reason why a girl in her early 20s wants to look like Cher. It puts at least another 20 years on her. She’s now being called Indiana Jones of the Featherlands. Poor girl.
Now that’s more like it! Tooji walks all over Indiana Joan when it comes to accessorizing with feathers. He’s like the fashion edition of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. Dashingly flamboyant.
Pasha, what are you wearing?! And who are these people you’re hanging out with? It looks like the entire cast of a whole season of What Not to Wear. Pre makeover.
Loreen threw on the first thing she could find. Unfortunately that was some of her granny’s old bed sheets. And maybe she should have switched off the wind machine before she applied make up.
Ukraine released a million copies of their Eurovision entry on cassette tape, only to find out that this format isn’t really that much in use any longer. Now what to do with all that tape? To learn more about recycling, contact the Ukrainian delegation. They’ll probably also throw in a few tips on where in Baku to find the best rose gardens to raid.

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  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said (for once!). Ell and Nikki looked great, Tooji looked AHMAYZING (I hope Joan took note of his feather-wearing prowess) and Ott looked….well, I think he’d look better out of his clothes, but those he had on were perfectly acceptable. MayaSar looked like she was attending a funeral – perhaps the funeral of music, which has died according to the Azeri entry…

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