Just stay with Germany, will you?

If Chris Martin were to participate in Eurovision? It would sound a bit like this, we reckon:

Oh crap, no, we forgot. It was actually Jamie Cullum who wrote this. And Chris Martin is so self righteous and British he would probably be ashamed just to admit he’s ever heard of Eurovision, at least in front of his wife. Better then to forget our dreams of a brighter future for UK and look to Germany, where they are not so afraid of presenting us with some decent music.

Roman Lob is our guy from Germany, and boy are we happy for that. Not only is he the spitting image of a very pretty face, but he also knows how to wear a beanie. Even knows how to sing, it seems.

There is something about these quiet piano ballads that is very comforting. Not only when you are overwhelmed with work and May turned out to be February all over again while Norwegian farmers are threatening to take your bread away. But also when you’ve heard all those disco entries and yelling ladies that tend to occupy your Eurovision territory so many times that the left part of your brain has started to hate the right one and you are experiencing a constant headache. That’s when you need Germany. After all they are the big brother of all of Europe and tend to fix us when we are broken, just ask Greece.

That’s also when we forget this sounds like the theme song of German One Three Hill and start praising both Jamie Cullum and Roman Lob. We love how Roman is this sensitive guy who stands very, very still quietly wishing we would want to stay there with him. Even though Tooji pleading for us to stay is somewhat more insisting, we’ll still consider it very hard, we promise. We even get a little bit moved from all the sad, heartbroken feelings he presents us with. Because we know in the end everything will be all right.

It always is with Germany.

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