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So, there is Loreen and Sweden. The song a lot of people like out of proportions this year. And that makes the ones that don’t wonder what’s wrong with them. What do we think? Ah, if you only knew. And if only we did. Let’s play pros and cons again:


  • There is Thomas G:Son
  • The first few notes make you believe an episode of Shagma is about to start, and the disappointment when all you get is Sweden is kinda huge.
  • This song consists of 8 choruses, 2 verses and a bridge. We mean, there is actually 8 choruses. In one song. Is that even allowed? Shouldn’t there be some Eurovisional rules at work here?
  • The best part of this song is ah-ah-ah-ahah. Not usually a good sign.
  • This song will be played forever in all discos from here to Baku (No gay discos in Baku, you say? Ok, from here to Timbuktu, then). And we used to love gay discos.


  • This is the best we’ve heard from Thomas G:Son, which oughta count for something.
  • Even if Sweden is not precicely the center of the earth, the Shagma thing could have been worse. Much worse. Because Loreen is probably the only Swede that can pull off coming straight from Arkadia, her being so fabulous and all.
  • Loreen really is a fabulous lady. Love that hair. And that outfit. And everything else.
  • This is already a hit in all gay discos from here to Baku. And we love happy gays.
  • David Guetta did not get to touch this. Yet. Because we’re sure he’s craving for it.

Oh, well, that didn’t help. On the one hand this is yet another example of Sweden thinking this is a contest on who has the best producers, not the best song. On the other hand, we do enjoy the song while in party mood. Throw in some extra love for the country that takes care of us in all bars, restaurants and clothing stores of our town, and we will end up on the positive side.

Best of luck. Loreen. Even though you probably don’t need it.


  1. Loreen is gonna come VERY close to winning – whether she will actually make it is anyone’s guess. The hot favourite can sometimes come crashing down to earth with a bump. Loreen is not Kati Wolf though…
    Stockholm 2013? Sounds good.

    1. Yep, pretty much sums it up. And Stockholm 2013 sounds nice. No issues regarding human rights violations and a lot easier to get there from Norway. Besides, one of us has and aunt and uncle living there. Which means free accommodation!

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