Lookin good in Belarus

Let’s say you have a seriously good looking guy at hand. We mean, like, major handsome. Prettier than most stuff you’ve seen before. Except Tooji. Would you wrap him up in a Ninja Turtles costume and make him sing into a hoover? Probably not. But Belarus would, no doubt about that:

Then again, Belarus is yet another of those countries who do whatever suits them to their people, so guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Our very own Norwegian front fighter Anders Tangen would probably even say bringing a hoover onstage will bring great changes to this country. Hoovers do after all bring a certain attention to town. Maybe this is even feminism – guys taking care of the house work kind of thing. But then how do you explain the blonde batman? And the Hell’s Angels in the back? And the fact that a girl won the national final, but was ruled out by the president?

The singer is not the kind of guy who, given his physique and general appearance, you would have guessed to run off with Eddie Vedder’s voice. But really, he did, and it worked out ok. The song is catchy enough, and the performance is decent. In total there’s a lot that didn’t go wrong here. So why are we not entirely convinced? Maybe because this seems a bit too calculated. Grunge, after all, is nothing but. So if we were to believe in this, it should have been more stripped-down, raw, sludgy, coincidental and sexy in that Kurt Cobain way. Kudos, though, for not jumping on the boy band wagon, where so many have been before them and only Robbie Williams succeeded.

Let’s forget the song and get back to the singer. We reckon there is a huge potential there. We mean, skip Ben Adams’ old hairstyle that’s just a little bit outdated and there you have it. One perfect male specimen. Our main reason for regretting not attending the parties of Baku.

For that we salute you and hope to see you next year.


  1. He is damn hot! He should totally perform in the ugly underwear used in Anggun’s videoclip! Hell yeah!

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