No available love for Lithuania

You know those embarrassing moments when you draw an important, literal meaning out of something your buddies said and decide to act on it, only to discover they were talking in metaphors and are now laughing their head off around the corner? Lithuania decided to take this one step further:

We mean, there is a slight possibility that Donny Montell actually see himself as pure love and therefore he needs to be blindfolded. But hey, that’s so sad in so many levels. First of all, love does not come to those who can’t see it, that we all learned from Paolo Coelho. Second, love does not come to those who no one sees, that we learned from high school. And third,  there’s not even one shade of grey here, let alone 50, to make the performance all fun and kinky.

Misreadings of Shakespeare aside, this sets off as a (saxo)foney ballad only Ronan Keating could have done worse, drops by those not exactly swinging 90s we swore never ever to return to when we buried our very last Dr. Alban CD and ends up with some kind of shouting that would have made Mariah Carey so proud. Only, she’s not around much to appreciate it. And those of us who are around, tend to be of different opinions that all start with a yawn.

Guess there are still some lessons to be learned in Lithuania. One is if a song is bad, it does not help to combine it with another couple of bad songs and blindfold the poor fellah who has to deliever it all. Another is we were all told to recycle our saxophones and disco balls by the turn of the century and bad stuff will eventually happen to those who don’t obey. And the third is of course: Love is not blind.

It is just not available for this.

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