Hungary Raising Social Consciousness

So, is this the number the few of us Eurovision fans who do not live and breathe for schlagers, big hair, sequined frocks, hands in the air choreography and have an orgasm every time the keychange sets in is supposed to back this year? In that case we must admit we’re rather miffed. We jumped on the bandwagon last year backing Kati Wolf’s slick disco schlager, only to see it crumble like a house of cards on stage in Esprit Arena. So perhaps we’re better off supporting gloomy blokes with a credible contemporary rock song similar to what we could have had on our Spotify playlist in or regular lives, outside the Eurovision bubble (yep, we do snap out of it occasionally).

But the thing is, we kinda like these two separate worlds, and rarely the twain shall meet. If we want to see a band of introvert Hungarian chaps and check out their electropop we’ll go see them in a club and it wouldn’t be the worst thing to do on a random Friday night. But we just can’t see the point in bringing them along into our Eurovision world. They just don’t belong there. The same thing could be said about our adored Malcolm Lincoln, but they turned out to be lively, and good fun, and quirky and completely bonkers on stage.

We cannot possibly imagine the dudes in Compact Disco taking on a similar role in Baku. We expect them to just stand there, acting all serious and sinister, while playing their instruments and carefully guarding their, oh so precious artistic integrity. They’re sort of off on the wrong foot aleady with that attitude. Why make it so difficult for themselves? We’re guessing it’s extremely difficult to recreate such a slick studio recording live, and if the lead singer is not completely up to the task he will easily sound off key. The audience tends to be cruelly unforgiving to those who can’t even compensate with buckets of charisma and a helluva show on stage.

The band is supposedly quite popular on the domestic market, but that is not in any way a guarantee for success in Eurovision. It reminds us on how badly it went for the Dutch 3J’s last year and that doesn’t bode well for the Hungarian CD’s. There’s nothing really wrong about Hungary’s entry this year. But there’s not much right either.


  1. It’s an okay rock song, it just lacks something… Switzerland’s rock song is better, no? I highly doubt Hungary is going to make it.

    1. We actually prefer Hungary over Switzerland, but that might change when we see them perform live. Don’t think any of them will make the final though. It’s hard to make rock work in Eurovision it seems!

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