Poor man’s pop

We wonder what will actually happen if Greece wins. We asked ourselves the same question a couple of years ago and since then the situation has gone from bad to worse. Back then we suggested hosting the Eurovision final on a candle lit stage with unplugged performances of all the entries in an open air square beneath the Acropolis. We didn’t think of the alterative of holding the final in a shopping mall with escalators as scenography, but apparently that works too!

It would probably make more sense for the Greeks to withdraw from the competition, but we guess it’s when a country is going through some rough patches, the need for bread and circus is more urgent than ever. And we love to have the Greeks still onboard the good old Eurovision ship; it wouldn’t be the same without them!

With all this in mind it’s almost touching to see how they seemingly completely unaffected carry on doing what they know best. One should think Europe would tire soon of unsubstantial bubblegum pop with a hint of ethnic flavors and the weight and sweetness of candy floss. After digesting a few of these Greek bonbons in the shape of a genetically prefect specimen of a guy or a doll, singing half decent while doing relatively advanced choreography, one should think that the feeling of nausea would grow unbearable. But our appetite for more just keeps growing it seems.

Eleftheria’s aphrodisiac is so easily digested it virtually slides down our troats without us even noticing it. There’s nothing to grab on to, no resistance whatsoever and you can just tell it’s cleverly crafted to appear as commercial and inoffensive as possible. That is of course unless you get worked up about seeing Eleftheria’s panties around every other second throughout her performance.

We wish Greece had come up with something different and more profound for once. Come on you guys, your country is on the verge of a complete breakdown and you all you can give us is a bimbo with a cheap, recycled song, worn out choreography and the mandatory funny folkloristic instrument during the bridge before the final chorus? One giant monster yawn from us coming right up.

The Greeks should pick up a few tips from Rambo Amadeus. That would absolutely secure them from running the risk of winning and they would earn some approving nods across Europe. But hey, whatever floats their boat; it’s obviously denial, so by all means keep at it.

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