That’s lovely, Albania

Oh, another ballad? Swell!

We mean, this is lovely. Really is. It’s got that nice, sort of screamish, Adele-ish ring to it. We totally see ourselves listening to Rona Nishliu while doing yoga or drinking herbal tea or getting a massage or soothing our mind or something. Only we never really do that.

Instead we get bored. Really, truly, amazingly bored. And tired. And we start doing our taxes and reading the last news on Facebook right down to the very last detail about the neighbour’s cat’s hairstyle. And we even push like on that. And then we write our very own update on how bored we are. And then yawn, that song is still going and we start longing for a transcendental mood in utter, complete silence.

Guess Albania’s largest problem is this contest is full of ballads. And just about all of them are less forgettable than this one (although that’s not necessarily a good thing). We’ll give them two things: They probably have the best video in this contest. And that mask totally rocks. Guess neither of those features will enter Baku.

But lovely song, Albania. Really is.

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