Montenegro’s solution

Eurovision isn’t political you say? Please welcome this different organism:

Actually, in Norway most people think Rambo Amadeus is from FYROM, as our very own Per Sundnes ever so proudly announced on TV during our national final. But hey, we won’t be the ones to flunk him. Let’s just tell you another story. Because it just so happens that we’ve  had a large dispute the last couple of days after a middle aged left winger who used to be worth mentioning the name of decided to throw an utterly racist song out there and blame it on satire when confronted. For the sake of our country’s and the human kind’s reputation we should not fill you in more. But guess it reminds us that satire is no children’s game and not completely without meaning. We even considered emigrating for a little while there. Maybe to FYROM. Or Montenegro, where we actually find Rambo Amadeus. He knows what he is doing, and it sure is prima. As satire, that is.

Still, is it suitable for Eurovision? Not entirely sure. It does seem like this would do better in a Sasha Baron Cohen film. Then again: Wouldn’t it be nice if Eurovision turned a little bit more Baron Cohen and a little less Cinderella with a cupcake on us?

Let’s do the cons: There will be no brilliant video in Baku’s crystal palace mocking the other rather self promoting videos the other countries tend to come up with. Probably won’t be any donkey or solarium or massage therapists or thread mills either. And what brilliant features are we left with then? Certainly one more bloke for Zoey Descanel and her hipster concregation to toss around for the sake of good health. Would we want that?

Well…there’s also the pros: There will be the concept of Rambo Amadeus in Baku. All along fun rhythm, a funnier voice and the funniest hat. Also, there will be the lyrics, that are probably too good for the Eurovision audience, telling the story of the glorious European Union. There will be the rather successful symbioses of modern beats and folk. And. There. Will. Be. Euro. Neuro. Totally out of place, but hey, that probably proves his point.

OK, then. That settles it. We are totally looking forward to Rambo Amadeus off donkey, on stage. We actually think we love you, Rambo. Go ahead and prove us wrong.


  1. who t f is sasha…??? Rambo Amadeus was performing and making such jokes when Barron was irrelevant.

  2. try to know more about Antonio Pušić Rambo Amadeus, then you would know that Baron Cohen is new kid on the block while RAMBO was making jokes in ex Jugoslavija when Cohen was irrelevant.

    1. Probably true. But sadly more people outside of Montenegro know Baron Cohen than Rambo Amadeus, and really it was meant as a compliment as we love them both equally.

  3. “I have no ambition for high position in competition under their condition”, this is a bit irony…and Rambo is just promoting Montengro tourism…this will be the greatest fun seen on Eurosong ever.

  4. This is the song for the blokes that always end up in the kitchen whenever the utterly sad Eurovision is on 🙂 -maybe we will watch this time 🙂

    1. Good point! And we like the blokes that end up in the kitchen at parties. We usually end up there ourselves. You should watch this year and send Rambo Amadeus a couple of votes!

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