Reduse, Reuse, Recycle

Exactly how many balkan ballads can there be in semi-final 2? At least a few too many apparently. Hopefully these will steal votes from each other so we’ll manage to get rid of a couple before the big Saturday final. And we wouldn’t mind shedding the Slovenian brunette edition of Christina Aguilera. What’s the deal with sending these X-tina clones anyways? Exit Maja Keuc and enter Eva Boto. Mega yawn. Do the Slovenians hide a secret factory high up in those Alps somewhere that mass-produces perky and precocious wailing women?

Eva Boto belts out this massive mastodont of a song as her life depended on it, but we’re left surprisingly unaffected. The performance is pretty much flawless, but it simply lacks authenticity. Verjamem means I believe in Slovene, which is actually quite ironic since it seems like Eva does not believe in the song or her own ability to do it justice. She looks awkward and uncomfortable with the whole setting. We’re not particularly keen on sitting on the edge of our chairs wondering if she will be able to reach the highest notes while she quite visibly pushes herself to belt it out. It doesn’t look like she’s having any fun at all, it looks like she concentrates to perform a strenuous task, and just wants to be done with it.

Knowing that the man behind this song is the same that penned Molitva it makes it impossible not to compare the two, and quite frankly it leaves Eva and her backing crew looking rather ridiculous. It’s like Marija Šerifović’s baby sister playing dress up and singing in front of the mirror into a hair brush.

And we really need to talk about those choir chicks lurking behind Eva. What the hell is that all about? They sure give Pocahontas Joan a run for her money in having the most preposterous headdress. What in the name of all that is holy was the stylist thinking? We can’t think of any reason why someone thought of the idea of placing bundled up mosquito nets one these poor women’s heads. It looks so silly it’s actually bordering on avant-garde which of course instantly makes it cool again in a weird kind of way. Or on second thought forget we said that, this cannot be cool on any level whatsoever.

On a positive note Eva scores a couple of points from the GEE jury for sticking to her native language, it adds a few desperately needed tads of authenticity. And we truly believe it would have sounded horribly bad sung in broken schoolgirl English. And being environmental friendly and all we are in favor of recycling stuff. But that should be done with old newspapers and bottles, not songs.


    1. Hehe, underholdningsverdien til dette bidraget stiger betraktelig ja. Vi har hørt rykter om at de vil droppe denne stylingen til Baku. Kanskje er alle brudesalongene i Ljubljana tomme for tyll? Vi håper selvfølgelig at de bestemmer seg for å beholde det!

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