FYROM Primadonna’s Primal Scream

Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream” went under the hammer earlier this week and some absurdly rich sheik had to depart with a nice pile of dosh to become the new owner. It proves to show that the more primal parts of human nature appeal to most of us. Kaliopi gets that better than most other participants in this year’s line up and for that we salute her.

Of all the reviews we’ve read and heard of this song so far, Thomas Lundin on SVT’s “Inför Eurovision Song Contest” panel puts it best: She’s like a wild animal, and you’d be a damn fool to play around with her! We laughed so hard we nearly passed out. We warmly recommend to check out the episode on STV Play for those of you proficient in Scandinavian lingo and haven’t seen it yet! And for the record and off topic we seriously love that guy. Thomas Lundin FTW!

Now moving back to the Macedonian entry, we think we can safely establish that compromise is a word missing from Kaliopi’s vocabulary. To her it’s either black or white, good or bad, soft or hard and there’s one truth and one lie. Hm, that sort of attitude really does call for a decent scream! The fact that she’s up to her knees in worn-out cliches, outdated guitar riffs and unpleasant tempo shifts doesn’t really matter. She does her own thing and performs with such determination and compassion we start to wonder if she’ll manage to qualify with this mess.

For some reason we get the feeling that we’re in Kaliopi’s target audience. As if after a couple of years of crude and pimpy looking blokes with a vulgar show served up by the country with the funny prefix, we’re inclined to take a liking to their more feminine counterpart. But sadly for her, this blatant display of raw female force evokes laughter rather than awe and admiration. We like to think that we’re not that easily duped into praising a song for all the wrong reasons. Kaliopi is cunning allright, but we hereby call her bluff. At the end of the day this is a godawful song. And about as classy as a two week vacation package to Benidorm. We would never have dared to say this to Kaliopi’s face, but on this blog we’ll take our chances!

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