Poison Ivi goes Eurovision for Cyprus

We immediately wrote this off as a goner once we saw the clip on YouTube from the national selection show. You don’t seem to put much trust in an artist who lip sync to her own song, do you? Sure, it must be nice to avoid bothersome competition from fellow competitors, but when you ask the public to select the song for you, you should at least pay them the courtesy of letting them know how you sound like live. And why make people doubt your vocal abilities if it turns out you’re a great live performer? Our growing suspicion might be groundless, but how can we know for sure, when the mute button is on until the first rehearsals in Baku?

And don’t get us started on Ivi’s dancing on stage, if we can even call the awkward attempts of moving around for dancing. Not exactly the Cypriot Lady Gaga in spe. Heck, the Russian grannies got more groove than this! The whole scenario got us thinking about Hungary last year, when Kati Wolf pretty much ruined a perfectly good song with shaky vocal, a hideous frock and terribly bad staging and choreography.

But then the promo video is released and we give the song another go, and we go what? Is this even the same gal? Surely this must be Liv Tyler? We find ourselves being completely befuddled, because now this song sounds like a serious contender. What sounded cheap and cheesy and like a throwback from the 90s in the national final now sounds refined, slick and contemporary. Ivi looks gorgeous being Eve in the Garden of Eden one minute and Snow White the next. There are elves from Middle-earth and fairies from Fae Realm. We’re drawn in and carried away. Hand over the apple Eve, and those Lumieres sure looks delicious, Sookie! We know we should snap out if it, but we’re intrigued. And we start to look forward to see how this will play out on the big stage in Baku.

We’ve clearly taken a bite of Ivi’s apple. Perhaps it’s poisonous and has clouded our judgment. Maybe we should have labeled this song under toxic waste instead. For now we’ll label it our guilty pleasure of the 2012 season.


  1. Well, that pretty much sums up what I think too! Except that I believe this song to be way better than kati’s ever was. Of course, there’s the very real danger of Ivi’s singing being way worse than kati’s have been.
    The frock, though, must result an improvement. It’s not physically possible to find a more unfortunate affair.

    And she does look like Liv Tyler in the video!

    Really hoping this comes out well and that the poison is as fictional as the charactars in her clip.

    1. This video is tastefully done, and the studio recording of the song makes it sound better than it really is. We think Ivi will cave under pressure when it counts the most. But hey, if it turns out well, we’ll be happy as Larry!

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