Come what Mai for Slovakia

Slovakia sends a hot guy with an upbeat (metal) rock song to Baku, a combination which deserves immediate attention in the GEE girls’ HQ. What can possibly go wrong? Lots of things we quite reluctantly have to admit. It started up very promising. We virtually ate the promo pics of this guy when we first saw those published on the official ESC website. That’s one hot and yummy torso we dare say! However, after spending about five minutes drooling all over our iPads we sort of realized that he kinda looks like a girl, like most dolled up poodle rockers back in the 80s tended to do. Bummer. Besides, the fact that he’s barely turned 20 set off the cougar alert in our HQ, so we decided to behave.

Moving on to the song which made us quite enthusiastic to begin with. But we got the destinct feeling like something was missing. Like a proper chorus. And some decent verses. And a cool bridge. Oh sigh.

So what about the lyrics? That surely must offer us Max’ profound and poetic take on some of the big questions in life, him obviously being a very talented young man whom is both the composer and lyricist behind this song. An accomplishment which deserves respect in an ocean of Swedish made assembly line pop tunes. Maybe we’re missing something, but we have a hard time wrapping our heads around this one. To us it sounds like three minutes of gobbledygook. Or what do you get out of these lines: Look around what‘s happening abounds/And listen to the frequency of a sound/Of the beat, of a heartbeat, of your death beat. WTF? Perhaps some of our bright and eloquent readers care to help us interpret the message here?

So what we’re left with here is a cool rocker dude, with potential and good intentions, which are unfortunately poorly executed. We fear this will turn out to be a big mess live and that Mr Mai will drown in his own wall of sound. But thanks for trying. We might hit the mute button, but we mos def will not close our eyes when this dishy blonde is on!


  1. The song: hmm…
    The hair: needs work.
    The face: I could live with it.
    The body: DOUZE POINTS!!!!!!

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