Beautiful Harmonies from the Balkans

There are quite a few dreary ballads in the running this year. This is not one of them. There’s nothing even remotely dreary about this lavish little number from the piano playing backup singer behind Dino Merlin in Düsseldorf. We noticed Maya Sar last year and she proved that she had a strong stage presence. Not everyone can pull off looking good dressed in your nan’s kitchen curtains pretending to play the piano like a four year old. It actually looked kinda retarded. But Maya somehow managed to add a touch of class to the whole scenario.

So we truly hope that Maya will play the piano for real this time around, and we picture her behind a grand piano in a fabulous fairytale frock, mesmerizing the audience with a touching rendition. And how about throwing in a hot male dancer on stage for good measure, preferably shirtless. That will give us and the fanboys something to rest our eyes on as well. Or otherwise we’d be perfectly happy with the adorable baby donkey from the promo video, but we’re pretty sure that’s against the rules.

Speaking of the promo video, we can normally rely on the Balkan countries to put some money into making one, and this is utterly tastefully done. When you know of our obsession with grand pianos it’s not a surprise that we’re sold when it’s played on the roof top of a train in motion. We totally love it!

It’s times like this we really miss the live orchestra. We get chills just by thinking about how great this entry would be with cascades of string harmonies. But we’re quite certain that Maya Sar will bedazzle us in Baku without one as well, and sail safely into another top 10 finish for BH.


    1. You’re very welcome! We loved the entries from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2011. 2012 will in all likelihood prove to be another strong year for you.

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