L'Amore È Italiana

If the Italians don’t really care much about Eurovision they have a very strange way of showing it. And they’re doing a lousy job in trying to prevent winning and bringing the competition back on Italian soil. Because for the second year running since their return they are sending an excellent performer with a high quality song. If they carry on at this pace, the category “too good for Eurovision” will soon be packed with Italian participants.

At first we thought Nina Zilli was rather silly swapping the lush ballad “Per Sempre” in favor of the sassy upbeat number “L’Amore È Femmina”. But then we realized that she could probably send any random number from her back catalogue and still sound like she’s from another musical galaxy than most of her fellow competitors.

We can hardly wait to see Nina perform in Baku. We’ll be on our feet grooving before the first chorus, more than ready to give her our undivided attention and unconditional love. There’s no need to point a gun in our direction, she has us at the first BoomBoomBoom! Thing is, we’ve had our fair share of foolish men in the past. Of the sort not worth shedding one single teardrop over, the lot is completely useless. But it makes bloody good music singing about the lousy bastards and we’re behind Nina every step of the way on this one. She’s the Lena for grownups, classier and even crazier, pretty damned crossed with those who doesn’t return her love. Do you dare not to vote for her?


  1. I dare not to vote for her, even though I think she is brilliant. Being brilliant without a brilliant song however leaves me no choice then to vote for the less brilliant artists with brilliant songs 🙂

  2. I see this as this year’s winner. This is far, far better than the canned melodrama dished up by Sweden.

  3. Hey there, great review! Nina Zilli is indeed looking like she’s miles from everybody else in that place where real art is concerned. In fact I believe she could be singing that humperdinck dead cat of a songy and still sound great!

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