True love for Moldova

Gather a group of hunky Eastern European men. Let them enjoy themselves with a bunch of brass, a fabulous tune and boots even Karl Lagerfeld would covet. Win GEE girls’ heart.

Ever so often those tiny miracles happen in Eurovision wonderland. People show up who are actually happy to be there. They even look like they’re having the time of their life. They look pretty great in fact. They can sing. They can play. They can dress. They can move. AND they have a song to match it all. Moldova has been getting pretty close to that every year, but this one’s bulls eye. Thank you, God, and we promise to say grace from now on.

Before this we were approaching that stage were nothing would save us but whiskey/2010 playlists/insert suitable remedy. We really did start at the wrong end with some crappy crap songs this year and we were starting to feel whinier than Simon Cowell. But then it happened. Along came Moldova. With heavenly key changes. A bridge that would swipe Alexander Rybak off his feet. And rhythms we would like to stay in forever. This is Eurovision heaven. Or close to it. As fun, catchy and cool as only Moldova gets it.

Then we also did notice the men on stage. We’re delighted, enchanted and not to say truly grateful that Edward Norton decided to leave Fight Club in favor of happy times in Chișinău. It seems to have done wonders for him. We’re totally impressed with what wonders he himself does to those unwearable pants of Moldova. And we’re kinda happy six of his prettiest friends decided to tag along. Please let them all come along to Baku. Change the rules if you might, we’re sure there are some more of them lurking behind there, and will be happy to get them some brass if needed.

There’s really not much more to say. This is what true love sounds like. From all of us to Pasha of Moldova.

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