Consider us entertained, Georgia!

Georgia is a likable country. The Georgian people are friendly, warm, generous and throw great parties. In the Eurovision world this has been abundantly awarded in terms of votes from pretty much all across Europe, placing them high on the scoreboard since their debut in 2007. Even Russia has shoved bucket-loads of points in Georgia’s direction, a rather remarkable accomplishment as the Russians after all are supposed to be their archenemies.

After last’s year ear rape by the emoclowns in Eldrine we’re not quite sure exactly what the televoters across Europe find so appealing about this small country by the Black Sea. Maybe it’s their ability to polish a turd. That’s not suppose to work, but maybe someone forgot to tell that to the Georgians because they do it so convincingly we actually start to buy it.

Take this year’s entry. We were utterly gobsmacked when Arni Jokhadze was selected to represent Georgia in Baku. Everything about it was just plain ridiculous. The quintessential joke entry (or should we say jock entry), causing heated discussions on fan online forums on whether we should laugh and make fun of it or if this is in fact the artist himself making a gigantic mockery of the whole contest. This aspect intrigues us. And even now after a bunch of pro producers have made their best effort in polishing what many categorize as a turd, we’re starting to wonder if it’s more like a diamond in the rough we have on our hands here.

Because listening to this song makes us happy! It’s fun, it makes us wanna laugh and smile and dance and sing drunkenly in the streets into the wee hours, kicking off our stiletto heels and enjoying life in the moment. We love the silly lyrics, the ethnic flair and the kitschy performance. Anri looks confident and his backing singers seems competent. There’s no doubt in our minds that they will set the stage in the Crystal Hall on fire, and yes people will vote for this. The juries might not take an equal liking to it, but it will be enough to send the Georgians once again to the final, we reckon. A joker provides entertainment to the people. Consider us entertained, Georgia!


  1. Synes dere er slemme mot Eldrine. Sophio hadde jo en knakende god stemme. Og sangen, var utmerket for mine ører:)

    Sangen i år. Nja. Dårlig synes nå jeg. Men den er annerledes på en god måte. Men bare husk at georgiere er kaukasiere. Og de er hissige….

    1. Nei fysj, Eldrine kan du få billig av oss! Vi er kanskje heller litt for snille med jokeren Anri her, sangen er jo igrunnen gudsjammerlig dårlig. Men den faller innenfor kategorien “så dårlig at den blir bra på en eller annen rar måte”!

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