2012 Review Season officially opened!

So, all 42 entries are known! Albania and all the other usual suspects have rearranged and reproduced their songs, Iceland changed the lyrics into English like they always do, Belarus replaced their originally selected entry for some obscure and vague reason, Armenia decided to call it a day as expected, Ukraine managed to pick a song without causing controversy and Slovakia didn’t change their minds a gasillon times before they ended up selecting the usual crap. This means we’re good to go with the 2012 edition of our reviews, hurrah!

GEE-girl ready to start posting the 2012 reviews. Or hang on a minute...(Pic nicked from Facebook of course)

Even though it’s very tempting to kick off the review season way earlier, we have restrained ourselves as it’s usually worth the wait. However make no mistake, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading the reviews and analysis on the national final season and the selected songs on the many excellent blogs out there dedicated to this fabulous contest. Check out our blogroll to the right, all well worth adding to your favorites. We have laughed our way through all 42 entries, pulling our hair, jumping with joy and getting goose-bumps all over the place, 2012 is shaping up to be a great year!

By waiting we don’t run the risk of reviewing songs that won’t even make it to the Eurovision stage in May or base our opinions on what at best can be viewed as a draft of what most televoters around Europe will listen to for the first time several months later. It’s nice to be able to take the running order in the semi-finals and final into account as well. Not that we spend much time speculating over this as it’s our belief that a good song will stand out and proceed to the final regardless of when it’s performed. But yeah, maybe it will pip the odd song in or out when it comes to the more marginal qualifiers.

The reviews will be posted in no particular order, and those of you who have followed our blog during the past couple of years will recognize the format. We have opinions, we’re not afraid to state them, and sometimes we go bonkers. Feel free to disagree. We hope our readers are ready to join us for the ride!


  1. Can’t wait for your reviews!! Although I am scared that you think you should have started earlier…I wasn’t planning to do mine for another month or so. Eek.
    I’ll be interested to see what you think of the 42. A lot of people seem to have very different opinions on what’s good and what’s hideous, and again it seems to be an unpredictable year. Aren’t those the best kind??

    1. Oh, you know, we’re kinda slow, so if we’re gonna have any hopes of finishing up with all 42 entries before the first semi-final kicks off we better start now!

      This year is rather unpredictable indeed! Just the way we like it. The fans seem to be agreeing on Stockholm/Gothenburg/Malmö next year, but fans have been known to be seriously wrong before and we’re not too sure that Loreen will pull it off… Heck, we all thought Plumbo would win MGP with a landslide this year and look what happened!

  2. I was just thinking the other day how I 110% expected Plumbo to be the winners of MGP (Tooji was my favourite so naturally I assumed he wouldn’t win). Seeing his name as the winner was quite an amazing moment for me, ahaha!

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