Retro Sunday: Switzerland 1986

Remember the days when televoting was a distant futuristic concept and the jury was pretty much a bunch of suckers for big ballads wailed out in French? Those days are long gone, and we really don’t miss it that much. But we must admit we’re suckers for grand pianos on stage, and it can’t get much grander than this:

Talk about catching the zeitgeist of the 80s! We did of course cheer for the even cooler Sandra Kim and her pink bow tie. But our mums went for the classier, grown up stuff, and in that department nothing could compare to this Swiss ice queen. The Swiss got it right two years later with the same formula, whereas Daniela here had to settle for second place.

As we all know (and by God dearly regret!) the Swiss victory in 88 was the starting point of Celine Dion’s career while Daniela Simmons didn’t quite get the same effect out of her Eurovision experience. But we wouldn’t be surprised if she at least landed a huge promotion deal with a leading laundry detergent label after the contest. Because if it hadn’t been for her dark hair we could have sworn that she wasn’t even there as she blended perfectly into the glacier scenography. And we are still not sure if there really was a backing band of swell looking guys joining her on stage or if that was just an alluring illusion. We hope they had the sense to stay away from the red wine at the after party!


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