Retro Sunday: Power to the music

Summer moved on, and our Eurovision timeout is over. We’re back with power:

As everyone should know by now, the last month has been hard on us Norwegians. When your country is attacked not much else seems important. Why should we blog about Eurovision when the nation is in grief? But then again, we need to move on. And we need to be stronger than ever.

What strengthens us more than music? In the history of Eurovision there has been a whole bunch of songs about peace, love and understanding in addition to friendship, courtship and fairytales. It’s all good. It’s all much needed. And it all sums up quite nicely in Cliff Richard’s shiniest hit ever, ‘Power to all our friends’.

The song empowers us all. From the bees (according to our biology lesson they’re very important) and the vine that gives us wine to the boys who play rock’n roll and make our life so sweet (they’re kinda like bees maybe?) and every single one of our friends really. Cliff wants them all to be empowered, and so do we, because we’re nothing without them.

So let Cliff Richard give power to the music that never ends. And let’s face another Eurovision season of joy. God knows we need it.

(Btw, check out Cliff’s moves in this performance. We so wish we lived back when Cliff was young, hot and presumably on our team).

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