Final recap

Let’s say you didn’t follow our strong recommendations and watched the Eurovision final last night. Or maybe you had no choice but to prioritize a best friend’s wedding and that gave you such a headache today you are still not able to hear music. Then we unfortunately have to tell you you missed out on something big. But don’t you worry. GEE is always here to help. We give you our recap of last night’s best and worst for you:

  • Best impression of what used to be Arnold Schwarzeneggers wife: German TV presenter
  • Most tempting invitation for us to join him: Finland’s Paradise Oskar
  • Most likely to have undertaken some intensive singing classes: Lithuania, who now has no need for sign language anymore
  • Best wacky performance: Jedward, of course
  • Best “beige is the new black” display: Azerbaijan
  • Best mathematicians: Bosnia-Herzegovina multiplying you by a hundred. Or something
  • Most surprising runner-up: Italy, seriously people, who saw that one coming?
  • Best sudden understanding of the fact that tonight it is really showtime: Estonia
  • Best dressed Greek God: Lucas Yiorkas
  • Best F**k me boots of the night and best execution of doing her best performance when it really counts: Maja for Slovenia
  • Most lame fluorescent sole of shoes and letter covered back: Russia
  • Most boring interval act for years and years: Thanks for nothing Germany
  • Best attempt at doing a Didrik, meaning singing incredibly bad that one time when he’s not supposed to: France’s Amauri Vassily
  • Worst frock: Sorry, Hungary, Kati Wolf looked truly awful
  • Worst nananananas and non comprehendable English: Switzerland
  • Worst future predictions: Blue, ensuring us they ”won’t be the last to be reunited”
  • Worst by a mile and most selfindulgent scenography of the night: Again Blue, is this the best BBC can come up with?
  • Worst GEE moment of the night: halfway through the voting when it looked like Sweden would win
  • Best singer: Iceland. Because you know, it ain’t really good till Humpty Dumpty sings
  • Worst piece of crap: Spain


  1. Da er det bare å lade opp til neste år 🙂
    Syntes det var faktisk en bra finale. Virket som de aller fleste sparte sitt sist gir til kvelden over alle kvelder. Og en rysare av en avstemning. Tøffe hatter (Moldovia), vinnersang der 50% ikke hadde sangstemme, en ufoparaplykjole som pakket inn en stemme som var knakendes god (georgia)…Bra i år og.

    1. Som vanlig en knivskarp analyse, du har ikkje vurdert å starte en MGP-blogg? Hehe:-) Eurovision skuffer aldri, det er like gøy, både med og uten Norge i finalen, der er nok og ta av for å si det sånn! Vi fortsetter ufortrødent å blogge om MGP året rundt, om enn med en noe lavere frekvens enn i det siste. Nå må vi hvile oss til neste sesongs nasjonale finaler begynner i desember en gang.

  2. How can your worse moment be thinking Sweden might win??? “Popular” was utter schlager fabulosity (and Sweden is easier to get to than Azerbaijan!)

    And yes, the interval act was tripe!

    1. Yikes! We just couldn’t bare the thought of having to listen to Eric Saade’s nagging one more time that night! But you’re right about one thing, it would be a lot easier to get to Sweden and since the song that did win is pretty much Swedish anyways we’d gladly rule out Baku 2012 and make it Stockholm/Malmö/Sundsvall or whatever!

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