Second semi final recap

Gone away is that blue feeling, here to stay is that new feeling. We’re totally, utterly, even extremely happy to now see the love of our life, Denmark, plus the almost as loved Ireland and Estonia in the upcoming final Saturday. Because while Tuesday’s voting was somewhat interesting to say the least, this one was all we could hope for. Maybe apart from the fact that we have to survive through yet another three minutes of Swedish screaming.

Here are the highlights for you:

  • Most graceful moves from side to side: Cyprus
  • Best return to disguise and utter silence: Latvia
  • Most embarrasing attempt at enterrtaining the crowd with singing old Eurovision songs: Two German presenters whom we didn’t care to learn the names of
  • Best camerawork: Denmark busy filming another episode of AFIL TV, we are now certain the Danes will win an Oscar next year as well
  • Most successful attempt at explaining crazy behaviour with being high on…er..sugar?: That one German presenter who actually bothered to dress up for the job, but who we still didn’t bother to learn the name of
  • Best long run: Tim Schou, Denmark, who’s always best in the long run, we reckon
  • Worst promise of “will try yet another horrific time to be popular” instead of keeping previous promise of leaving stage before he’s done if it sounds bad: Eric Saade, Sweden
  • Best cover up of not so interesting song by fantastic piece of art by sandy lady: Ukraine

And yeah, while we’re at it, jabbering on about stuff that happened today: Worst example of meeting personal critisism with telling the Norwegian people through the media to be ashamed of ourselves for voting for the wrong entries in MGP: Per Sundnes. Well that just gave us a reason to be ashamed of you, Per Sundnes. Go sulk.

Meanwhile, we’re just happy chicks. Let’s party, peepz. And thumbs up for Saturday!

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