Second semi-final coming up!

With Norway’s exit being water under the bridge, it’s time to look ahead and take a closer look at semi-final 2. We have to resort to the good old worn-out cliche of comparing today’s selection to a box of chocolate, with some delicious pieces we all fight over to dig our teeth into and quite a few yucky ones which only old aunts will take a liking to.

So to save you from hogging out for the wrong pieces first, you know those which look so tempting and glossy on the outside but are stuffed with some unidentifiably substance tasting like something that fell behind the fridge last Easter, we will do you all a favor and guide you straight to the good stuff.

Pick first:

  • Denmark: Yummy boys, sparkly like diamonds and pearls on the outside, high quality filling on the inside
  • Estonia: Perky and quirky with a twist, an explosion of flavor
  • Ireland: You never even knew you liked this until you tasted it. Please help yourself to a second serving

Still feeling peckish? Move on to:

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sometimes chocolate can be like wine, better aged
  • Austria: Small, but powerful, perhaps a bit too sweet for some
  • Bulgaria: Fruity and fresh, easy to overlook though
  • Moldova: There’s nothing indifferent about this one, you’ll either hate it or love it

While you’re at it, you might as well try these ones too:

  • Romania: Tastes familiar, nothing special, but not too bad
  • Cyprus: Too heavy to finish, take just one small bite
  • FYR Macedonia: Excellent choice to bring for parties and celebrations

You will perhaps start to feel a bit sick to your stomach by now, so take our advise and shy away from:

  • Ukraine: Surprisingly zesty given the innocent package
  • Israel: This used to be the best in the bunch, but now it tastes a bit recycled
  • Slovenia: Impressive wrapping, unfortunately empty inside
  • Slovakia: Sweet to the point where it starts to get nauseating. One piece would have been more than enough

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, throw away the box before you even consider tasting these:

  • Sweden: We don’t even understand why this can be labeled as fine chocolate, to us it’s only garbage and dog’s food
  • Latvia: Warning, one bite of this one, and you’ll end up in the hospital
  • Belgium: Shouldn’t there be a law against introducing this piece of crap as part of the selection?
  • Netherlands: Please go ahead a judge the book by its cover, this is as bad as it looks
  • Belarus: Don’t be fooled. Even if this is the last piece left in the box, the shops are closed, your cupboards are all empty and you’re about to go insane craving to satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t even think about picking up this one.

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