Great expectations for first semi final

First semi final is coming up, and we’re all super excited. Especially since our own Norwegian star is in this one. But what else could we be expecting? Anything good? Anything bad? Anything worth noticing? Let’s give you some of our expectations for the first big night in D-town:

  • Most likely to faint due to heavy nailstudded swimsuit costume and even heavier makeup while everyone is trying to understand what all the media fuzz was about:  Magdalena Tul, Poland
  • Most likely to mostly be popular among deaf people and those strolling by in the quest for cheap lamp shades on tv shop and those for one second thinking she is French: Evelina Sašenko, Lithuania
  • Most likely to give themselves and ourselves a break: Yüksek Sadakat, Turkey
  • Most likely to make GEE forget about their very serious jobs as critical voices and never fully recover only by casting one long glance at them convincing them all Greek Gods were in fact Cypriots while his buddy is lookin all dope: Loucas Yiorkas featuring his bud Stereo Mike, Greece.
  • Most likely to get a panic attack and phone John Travolta when his five cans of hair spray suddenly go missing (courtesy of stylist hired by GEE): Alexej Vorobjov, Russia.
  • Most likely to outshine everyone and be declared a favorite by the Norwegian press even before she opens her mouth: Stella Mwangi, Norway.
  • Most likely to make you feel like you need to punch someone and smash your head against the wall before the first chorus is halfdone: Emmy, Armenia.
  • Most likely to save the world only by being cute and idealistic and not knowing anything about the harsh life he’ll meet one day: Paradise Oskar, Finland.
  • Most likely to make GEE long for last year’s bird man: Aurela Gaçe, Albania.
  • Most likely to smile her way through an average song and an utterly disturbing amount of patterns: Nina, Serbia.
  • Most likely to make everyone walk around in a protest march actually trying to save the planet because everyone totally lacks that sense of humor: Homens Da Luta, Portugal.
  • Most likely way too much to handle, being all over the place and way too enthusiastic: Glen Vella, Malta.
  • Most likely to cause a headache only previously seen in traveling amusement parks: Daria, Croatia.
  • Most likely to appear as though they are still fighting over which song is gonna win: Eldrine, Georgia.
  • Most likely to prove the fact that looking fab isn’t always all it takes: Senit, San Marino.
  • Most likely to make people so wish they loved the song when really they just think it’s ok: Sjonni’s Friends, Iceland.
  • Most likely to be a disappointment, given previous expectations and present outfits: Kati Wolf, Hungary.
  • Most likely to run out of the stage totally scared to death by the fact that Jimmy Jump might show up: Ell & Nikki, Azerbaijan.
  • Not likely to cause any reaction in the GEE brains whatsoever as we nothing anything about her: Anna Rossinelli, Switzerland.

Oh, and here is our wishlist for the first semi-final winners: Norway, Armenia, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Finland, Iceland, Hungary, Portugal, Azerbaijan.

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