Happy Estonian times

Now as Eurovision season has definitely started, here’s what we do: We press play on this playlist on YouTube and let it play continuously. This is the point where we get really happy:

Getter Jaani totally does the trick for us, being both classy, cheeky and professional. All of the Estonians do, really, looking like they are having a blast. And so are we. This is every single bit of what Eurovision should look like, with a catchy, yet original tune, a fine combination of recognizable form and a little twisted content and a super shiny lead singer backed up by a group of almost as shiny people telling her to keep moving.

So even though we are struggelig to sort out what is going on with that dress (congrats to her for picking up on the fact that colors are back on this season) and if that hair eventually will outgrow Getter, we’re really into this. Now we wish for easter all over again so that we could decorate our mantelpiece with this funky chicken. She would make showtime out of every single night. That easily earns forgiveness of crappy lyrics.

Estonia proves once again to be on the professional side when it comes to this competition. It remains to be seen if that’s what people want. But we’re sure the Rockefellahs would invest in Getter if they had the chance. And so would many more, regardless of Eurovision.


  1. Great song. I wonder if the Estonian’s paid the Germans to include the round stage – perfect for their stage act. I think they’re gonna be doing very very well next week! Wahoooo. Go Estonia!

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