Party like the Macedonians

We conclude our Balkan festive week with a real floor banger from the country with the strange prefix. A lot could be said about Vlatko Ilievski’ ode to Russian girls, but it is far from dull, that’s for sure. It’s like when you’ve been to a party and you know you should be heading home, but instead you end up going to an afterparty and start slamming vodka shots down your throat for no apparent reason. What just seems like the most sensible thing to do at the spur of the moment does not have the same kind of charm when you wake up the morning after. When you start wondering WTF you did with that Macedonian Jon Bon Jovi, and you’re not entirely sure if it was in fact the Slovenian rocker from last year and didn’t I just say I was really Russian? The Macedonians seem to be a crazy bunch of people and we fear even the toughest GEE blogger girl would probably end up under the table before 9 p.m. at any given bar in Skopje.

A song about other countries’ hot girls, must go under the category oldest trick in the ESC rule book for scoring votes, last used by Romania two years ago. We already dread the next Swedish entrant serenading Polish guys, or some Dutch girl (over)sharing her memories of her Greek holiday sweetheart.

Given the Macedonians’ track record of giving us a campy, vulgar show with half-naked girls and a whiskey voiced pimpy looking guy, we assume this year’s performance will be no different. We should hate this stuff, and last year it was completely OTT to our liking. But we get the feeling that we might end up secretly cheering for this crude, indecent Balkan Lover, and get down and dirty on the dancefloor to his ethnic beats and macho showoff. At least after quite a few vodka shots under our belts. (Vodka! Rakija!)

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