Age before beauty from Bosnia & Herzegovina

Time to continue our tour de Balkan, this time we’re heading over to the geriatric section. Cause while we were busy sulking over the Moldovans leaving their grandma behind in Chişinău, it turns out that Bosnia & Herzegovina decided to give grandpa center stage this year. This grandpa is behaving pretty much like any average male in that age group normally does, wearing hideous outfits he mistakenly thinks is making him look hip and cool and acting completely bonkers in an attempt to fit in with the youngsters in the family. None of this is actually working of course, as the teenagers who happens to be related to him almost die of shame and embarrassment, the older kids are becoming only bloody annoyed while the wife pulls him aside telling him to put a lid on it and give everybody a break.

But what about the song? We rather like it. It has this quirky feel to it, and the silly staging, the odd choreography and the horrific outfits all come together in the end. Dino Merlin himself lives up to his name, being sort of a dinosaur in this game with his previous Eurovision experience and adding just the right amount of magic to the song and the performance swaying us into taking a liking to it (and our apologies for recycling the most worn-out wordplay in this year’s ESC season, we just couldn’t help ourselves).

There’s no doubt Dino will stomp his way into the big final, this is the sort of tune that will appeal to a wide range of televoters, not only the loyal diaspora crowds. And juries vote for this sort of credible material by default.


  1. Aha! You also noticed the stomping! This is one of my favourites, and has grown on me a lot since i first heard it, great to have stumbled across your blog, is it on facebook (it makes it a tad easier to follow there)?

    Greetings from Australia!


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