No Lena Logan

When we first heard Germany’s entry for this year’s Eurovision, we actually enjoyed it a great deal. Wow, we thought. Could Lena do a Johnny Logan? And wow, we also thought. This is actually something jazzy and classy and pretty much worth listening to outside of party and Eurovision mode.

But then. Then we remembered outside of party and Eurovision mode we have a great deal of music in our Spotify lists that is a bit like this. Only way better. And guess that is the problem for this year’s Lena. If she is to skip the recognizable Eurovisional style completely, then that commits. Then you really have to deliver quality like for instance Estonia last year. You can’t just twist your drum machine a little and switch from major to minor and beg that no one notices you are not  the next Nellie McKay after all.

So in the end we’re disappointed in Lena. For what she did last year was starting off with the Eurovisional style and turning into something else and more. Now she is just giving us something else. And thus less, we’d say. We can’t really see how this would work onstage either, regardless of her strong, admirable sex appeal. This is what a successful writer would do with the second book: Just put a little less effort into it because the popularity is already there. It’s such lazy behavior, really, and kinda disrespectful of your audience. Sadly, we don’t think it would work very well with the strong, unforgiving televoters of Eurovision either.

But hey, we still love you Lena. For what you did. And your red lipstick.

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