Slovenia feeling smug about something

We suddenly realized that we’ve been ignoring the Balkan countries so far in our scrutinizing reviews, and now these are pretty much what’s left to bash around less than a week before the shenanigans takes off for real in Düsseldorf. It hasn’t been done intentionally on our part, we pick and choose entries on a whim, and it makes us wonder if our subconsciousness has played a trick on us. Are these entries so boring that we forget about them altogether? Do we really have to twist our minds so hard to come up with something worth mentioning, that we rather keep avoiding them? Seriously, we’ve now wasted a good 10 minutes of our lives contemplating these questions with not even reaching any sensible conclusions on the matter.

Ok, enough twaddle, let’s get down to business and give Slovenia a decent run-through. Technically this country isn’t even part of the Balkans, but yeah whatever, don’t ruin our line of argument, they used to be part of Yugoslavia. The song starts off nice and slow and builds up gradually to a sort of noisy grand finale, with lots of wailing tailormade to show off Maja’s vocal abilities. We have no clue about which parts of the song are meant to be the verses and which part the chorus is. And still after forcing ourselves to listen to the song a good many times now, we wouldn’t have managed to hum one single melody-line even with a gun pointed at our heads. This might be a bad sign for Slovenia’s chances of escaping from the semi-final this year, but it might also indicate the GEE squad being tone deaf. After all there’s a reason why we prefer barking our opinions out on this blog instead of trying to enter the singing competition in our hearts as artists.

This is not the worst song in the line-up. We clearly recognize the song’s ambitions, it’s refreshing to meet someone as talented as Maja who are not afraid to aim high. Unfortunately she fails to bedazzle us, as she seems to lose her direction at some point and just wanders off. Like she’s so taken with her own voice she forgets she’s actually suppose to perform to the audience. She should work on toning down that smug look on her face. And for some reason the song starts to remind us of Germany’s dreadful entry from 2005 and that’s just very disturbing in so many ways.

We are loving the Carola tribute with the two dancers in business attire, though. Hope Maja keeps them on board.

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