Drama of Russia

You know when you hear one of those Eurovision songs and you figure it consists of every single song you’ve ever heard before except maybe your national anthem? Yup, then you’ve heard Russia’s entry this year as well:

Jeez, it’s been so hard to make up our mind about this song. We mean, it’s very, very hard for GEE girls to hate hunky Eastern Europeans, especially when they consist of just about every pop artist we’ve ever known in one entry. Ah, Alexej Vorobjov. We’d certainly have a cup of tea with him any day. Especially if he would bring along his five dancers. This is a fine looking gang, we’d say. And loving their outfits as well.

But the song. Oh, the song. On the one hand it’s almost like Thomas G:Son wrote this song, and for that we would hate it. But then on the other hand, this is a party song. It’s a song we remember. It’s easy to sing along to the wowows and it’s not climbing over to the annoying side of the fence. So guess G:Son wasn’t involved after all.

It seems all shiny and straightforward. But then. As we approach 1:05 in the video something utterly disturbing happens. Can someone please tell us what that is going on with the oppressed woman suddenly making some sort of sound? We certainly can’t see her onstage. Could it be one of the female Russian singers who didn’t win and consequently is a bit mad for Alexej stealing the show and consequently have hacked the entry with her little cry for mercy? Or is she actually supposed to be onstage, but Alexej was so afraid she would steal his limelight and all his delicious guys he actually gagged her backstage, where she is now begging for help? Will she be showing up in D-town as well? And would that bend the rules of how many people are allowed onstage?

Suddenly we realize this is bound for drama. Will we be seeing a Russian revolution in Germany? Will there be a vindication on the rights of oppressed women? And will the butler be involved? Wow, the Russian sure knows how to make things happen, we think and actually look forward to seeing this in the final.

Or could be, this was just our way of making the whole act interesting. Just so we can defend drewling over the dancers there while the almost as hot singer sings a totally meaningless song.

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