Guess who's coming to D-town?

This is not what Alexander Rybak will be doing in Düsseldorf

Ok, here’s the deal, if there is one single person in the Kingdom of Norway who can steal Stella’s thunder by showing up in Düsseldorf, who can that be? Alexander Rybak of course! NRK announced today that they have given him the job as loose cannon, erm sorry, reporter, and we reckon it will create no fuzz at all when he shows up with a pen and notebook in Esprit Arena at Stella’s first rehearsal in just a few days.

But let’s not dwell on this minor concern. We think this is a clever move and can’t wait for this crazy fiddler to show off yet another of his many talents, we’re positive he will do great. And who needs a journalism degree anyways? That’s most certainly not the way to land the cream of the crop jobs nowadays (note to self). So get ready to paint the D-town in all sorts of colors with the Norwegian delegation this year!

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