Astronomy lessons from Croatia

After hearing this song we have to stop for a moment and wonder if we ever at any point in our lives wanted to shine like a comet. Are we missing something essential here? When lyrics can sound so utterly ridiculous to us it almost hurts , we can only imagine how painful it most be for native English speakers. It must be so hard not to laugh in all the wrong places, but then again, most native speakers haven’t even bothered to learn a second language so we guess in the end the joke’s on us.

We feel kinda sorry for Daria here. She looks so lost and misplaced. Sometimes we think a song fits the artist like a glove, but this is not one of those moments. Poor Daria looks almost embarrassed herself, like she has this look on her face screaming “I know this song is shite, but they forced me to sing it”. Someone should have saved her before it went this far, and given her a decent Balkan ballad to belt out instead.

We’re guessing not even the most zealous keychange lovers can work up a fair amount of enthusiasm for this sad excuse for a song, and we never thought we’d say this but we’d much prefer the whining femidoms from last year over a halfhearted don’t wannabe disco queen. Not much to celebrate here in other words, and until Daria’s finished singing we just have to endure the hangover.

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