Greek God feat. Stereo Mike

Since Germany isn’t really that keen on hosting next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece, it was only fair to let them have their say in which entry the Greeks chose for Düsseldorf. The Germans went out of their way to pick an entry they thought would not have the slightest chance to even make it past the semi-final, which in the end proved to be tricky since Greece would most probably manage to get through to the final with a three minute long recitation from the phonebook. You might wonder how the Germans worked around the fact that the winning entry this year was selected partly by public televoting, but after it was decided that all Greeks should start sending their phone bills directly to Angela Merkel (aka Sugarmama) it wasn’t really that hard.

Singer Loucas Yiorkas was born and raised in Cyprus and from an early age it became evident that he was drawn to creating a big fuzz wherever he showed up by looking steaming hot, making women faint and men die with envy. By the age of 12, he had already broken more hearts of blond Swedish tourists than the village’s 48 year old reigning Adonis ever managed, eventually forcing Loucas to leave for the Greek mainland to continue his career there. He started entering various competitions, including making the final cut in the Ricky Martin look-alike contest, winning the first prize in the “I’m so drop dead gorgeous people will not even notice that I’m singing insanely boring songs” category, and earning him the right to represent Greece in the 2011 ESC.

Sidekick and rapper Mihalis Exarhos aka Stereo Mike was chosen to accompany Loucas to Düsseldorf as he fitted the job description perfectly (extremely good looking guy who insists on performing atonal yodeling instead of singing, in desperate need of a plain looking BFF doing something even dorkier, like rapping). It might surprise you to learn that Stereo Mike is an esteemed Professor at a prestigious university in the UK and his course “101 Fundamentals of coming up with a ridiculous stage name” is particularly popular among his students.

We have not yet followed any of Stereo Mike’s classes, but perhaps he will offer some late night private tutoring at Euroclub in Düsseldorf. Then we will take the opportunity to suggest the stage name Katzenjammer Kids for himself and his wailing mate. Guess we’ll be sniffing on a straight A being off to such a good start. If we’re heading to Athens next May remains to been seen, but we don’t think the Germans should worry too much about just that.


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