Ukrainian causes carry on campaigning

What’s up with all these angels this year anyway? We just can’t see the fascination and we even have a Royal Princess who claims she can talk to these heavenly creatures. That’s seriously fucked up, but don’t get us started. At least the artist from Ukraine looks like an angel and that’s more than we can say about the Latvian Humpty Dumpty. And we guess we can say she sings like an angel too cause there’s no point denying that this fragile looking girl seems to have an impressive set of lungs.

It feels like this number is a copy paste from last year, all the way down to the controversies it steered up in the national final. It will probably end up as a shock qualifier from the second semi-final, making the top 10 in the big Saturday final by the skin of its teeth. Not bad for a girl who was really not supposed to even be there.

The song doesn’t push any of our buttons. The promo video is tastefully done, but it doesn’t tell a story that grabs us and we think Mika Newton will manage this better herself live on stage. But we still struggle coming to terms with why Mika sings this sinister song. Why on earth should we believe that she with her youth and her beauty could be bothered to carry all this misery and sadness on her shoulders? It certainly doesn’t do her any favors to be labeled as the Hubba Bubba girl in her official bio on either. The Ukrainian delegation has its work cut out for them this year promoting the song, making us believe it’s about something that really matters. And that Mika Newton herself really cares about. They’ve done it before with fighting domestic violence and saving the environment. What will it be this year? Say no to drugs? Not such a bad idea perhaps, since we get the feeling this song’s actually about crystal meth.

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