Stop the press: Swedes love Stella!

Little did they know about the massive headlines they would make on an insignificant Norwegian blog when giving Stella Mwangi a good review

GEE loves SVT’s Inför Eurovision Song Contest preview programs. There used to be a Nordic edition of these programs a few years back, but for some reason they stopped making them. Now we’ll have to settle for the Swedes’ internal bickering and they kept Thomas Lundin, the adorable Finn on the panel, to keep it somewhat international. Last night’s premiere show ran through the first 10 entries in Semi Final 1, and we could hardly believe our ears when a unanimous panel gave their thumbs up for Stella’s Haba Haba. Had they been drinking before they went on air? Is this some kind of trick to fool us into voting for Eric Saade? There must be something fishy about this, or could it be that Stella is so wonderful even the Swedes have to admit they love her?

Be sure to catch the next preview programs on SVT1 on Tuesdays at 21:00, and you can also watch the programs whenever you like on SVT Play.


  1. I think it is far fetched to insinuate that the SVTV panel judges had taken one too many when voting for Stella’s “Haba Haba” ESC entry. The entire audience was ecstatic and went on their feet to dance along even if the floor was jammed to capacity. There is a Swahili proverb “kizuri cha jiuza, kibaya chajitembeza”-meaning; something nice or good sells itself–it doesn’t need advertisements.
    Please give the credit where it is due—The chrystal balls predicts that Stella will scoop the ESC award for Norway-Doesn’t matter whether you are black or white to win the hearts of the world.

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