Armenian arms firing blanks

You know something’s very wrong when one of our favorite countries in Eurovision gets us thinking about Marie N or God forbid, even worse, our very own Guri Schanke. Armenia should never even be mentioned in the same sentence as these two wannabe latino ladies. We are beginning to think that the Armenians have turned sloppy after a flawless string of top 10 finishes since their debut in 2006 and for some strange reason believe that whatever rubbish they send will sail safely into the final and climb to the top of the scoreboard. And maybe they will get away with it, relying on friendly neighbors and diaspora votes from all over the place. We however are not in such a forgiving mood and Emmy will not have our support.

It all boils down to the song, which is basically bloody annoying. And Emmy herself also really. She seems enthusiastic enough, but there’s just something about the whole set-up that seems so artificial. It’s like watching and listening to Barbie going on and on about the rows she’s having with Ken. We couldn’t care less and quite frankly if we are being forced to take sides here, our sympathy lies with Ken this time, he should escape while he still has the chance, cause Brunette Barbie here sounds like a real pain in the ass.

We’re disappointed with Armenia this year. Previous entries have rightfully given us high expectations and a nagging bimbo giving us nothing but a splitting headache just doesn’t cut it.

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