Rock on Turkey!

We have to say we became a bit miffed when we found out that Turkey decided on a rock song for the second consecutive year running. We were expecting a return to some half-naked woman singing out of tune. In that regard, nothing could please us more than a bunch of butchy looking blokes who can actually both sing and play instruments. After all, we are rock chicks to the bone.

And despite a strong finish last year, ticking off most boxes on what makes a great rock song for Eurovision, we were not too crazy about MaNga. Their song was a tiny tad too groomed and polished to our taste. And that’s exactly why we like Yüksek Sadakat so much better. They have what MaNga lacked in our opinion, namely a rougher edge and a more authentic sound. It’s no nonsense straightforward honest rock, they got true grit, if you like. And it’s good fun! We can never in a million years imagine that this band is a bunch of bigheaded twats taking themselves way too seriously. All this put together makes a pretty good point of departure when it comes to gaining popularity in Eurovision.

This is as far from trendy as it gets, and sure, we don’t deny the cheesiness written all over it. We can’t help but laugh when we think about how utterly displaced these blokes must look like in a world of pink feathers and sequins. But that is also what we love about this act, it adds diversity and flavor the whole silliness we surround us with being part of the lovely Eurovision family.

So we’re ready to shake our tails when Yüksek Sadakat enters the stage. And it would not surprise us if this is another top 5 finish for the Turks.

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