Jump around with the Irish

There’s one thing GEE never forgets and that’s to put our lipstick on:

Two identical, cocky British guys who are actually Irish and look like they just put their fingers in a plughole of electricity and forgot to smooth their hair again and sing like they’re stuck inside a boom blaster from the 80s. Now, doesn’t that sound like a fabulous idea? Yup, that’s what we’re thinking too. So take many looks at Ireland this year.

We’ve been through plenty of entries now. There’s been ballads and jazz and rock and annoying boybands. Imagine our joy when then finally approaching something entirely different. Like the Jedward twins. To us they are the ultimate hipster boys, but hipsters are not always to be hated. Not these ones, at least. They do after all have shiny collars and shiny jackets and lipstick on and reminds us of the young David Bowie in just the right way while still being painfully modern. And did we mention fabulous move onstage? We’re dying to see this live.

The song itself is also all fab. In fact it’s just perfect for this hollidays coming up when we just wanna dance and be happy and jump around and be silly. And we plan on doing the same in Ddorf of course. Still, the song itself might be a little¬†monotonous in the end. But hey, what the Irish lack in musical quality they more than make up for in terms of effort and energy. We cant wait to hook up with these guys. After we’ve put our scarlet lips on that is.

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