Warning: Ugly naked guys coming through

Holy, holy, holy Christ, sweet mother of God and DJEEZ, please tell us this didn’t just happen:

Blue guys in Attitude mag. Pic nicked from the fab Wiwibloggs. Hope they can forgive us.

We mean, the Blue guys going all Chippendales on us? What’s up with that? We’re totally disturbed and disguisted and disapprove one hundred per cent. You know, not because we don’t enjoy naked guys or shiny muscles, but can we say we prefer them a little bit more…tasteful? To us this looks like a pathetic, greasy attempt at pleasing the gay crowd and although that might work, it surely doesn’t please GEE girls  nor rule out the fact that only crappy crap songs call for desperate measures.

Might we also remind you there’s a couple of better ways to present yourself, Blue? Let’s take a look:

You could put your heads on sticks like little lollipops next to the fabulous Schlagerboys...
...or you could just exchange your body for a much better yet not so shiny one like..say...this one?

Oh, guess everything would be better than those posings at the top here. Please, Blue. Go back to the 80s where you belong.


  1. You’re saying they should go back to the 80s where they belong.
    You mean they belong in kindergarten?

    I’m not gay, but I find this stunt by Blue both daring and funny.
    Having read this blog post, though, I’m curious as to in which way Blue should have presented themselves in order for you to find them sexy?
    If you find these guys ugly and disturbing in the nude, which men would you rather see in the nude?

    It should also be mentioned that Blue are not the first straight pop-stars to reach out to the gay community. 50 Cent, Eminem and Tupac all attempted to gain the adoration of the buttiboys, as is evident in these links.

    1. We’re trying to say their style belong in the 80s alongside Chippendales. But yeah, humor is tough shit.

      We don’t find the stunt daring at all, just blunt and unsophisticated and way too oily. And who poses with their hands in their undies anyways?

      Gay crowds are definitely to be reached out for and pleased, we try our best ourselves sometimes. But it’s all a matter of style, baby.

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